A Legendary Southern Secret
Crispy Chick and Fish is a solid opportunity to tap into the ever-growing market of convenience foods. Your Customers are looking for quick healthy lunch or snack, and our crispy chicken and fish lineup provides the perfect mix. This is a opportunity that makes good business sense, delivering solid profits to your bottom line.

Crispy Chicks and Fish offers a variety of breading flavors and spices letting you find the right profitable mix and flavor for your market. We also bring marketing support in the form of window and point of purchase material, feather banners, pre-made radio and TV ads, and Newspaper slicks. We also create a customized electronic menu board just for your location.

There is no franchise fee; the only requirement is that you use Krispy Mixes breeding on your chicken of fish. It's a simple program that also includes free on-line video training on proper frying techniques and tips. Now all of your new hires can learn from a team of professionals with over a hundred years of frying experience. Crispy Chick and Fish also offers free phone support. Now when you have a problem or concern, simply gives them a call. In short, Crispy Chicks and Fish is a money-making opportunity your customers will love. Join the crispy mix family, and bring your market this legendary southern secret. See your food service representative for details.