A Legendary Southern Secret
Crispy Chick and Fish is owned by Krispy Mixes; a breading company that has delivered award winning products to successful restaurateurs for over twenty-five years. Crispy Chick and Fish provides a unique opportunity for convenience and fast food stores to enjoy all brand awareness and support without the fees. To participate, stores simply use Krispy Mixes breadings in their operations.

Along with world-class products, Krispy Mixes delivers more; it offers free on-line video training on cooking tips and proper frying techniques. Now all of your new hires can learn from a team of professionals with over a hundred combined years of frying experience. Krispy Mixes also offers free phone support. Whenever you have a problem or concern, simply gives us a call. No one supports their breading products or your business like Krispy Mixes. To participate, Stores must purchase Krispy Mixes breadings from their local Merchants Foodservice representative. Talk to your food sales representative to get started today with Crispy Chick and Fish.